The companies involved in SureDyna’s missions are all organizations that need nuclear safety expertise: nuclear operators, nuclear engineering companies, projects on nuclear sites, etc.

A nuclear safety assessment mission can last between one day and two years (typically two to six months).

The legal relationship and the company in which SureDyna is involved in a nuclear safety assessment mission is a contract for the provision of services between SureDyna and the client company.

A nuclear safety expert mission does not always require a full-time intervention at the client’s premises: all possibilities are open a priori and we will define with you the best organization to carry out the mission.

We intervene when expertise requiring a good experience in nuclear safety is required: as a safety referent on a nuclear project, in response to specific requests from the Nuclear Regulator, etc.

We carry out nuclear safety expertise missions throughout Europe and, from time to time, throughout the world.

It is not always necessary to set up an office at the client company: this possibility is determined according to the needs of the nuclear safety assessment mission.

We assure you a first appointment in a few days during which we prepare a schedule adapted to the needs of the mission of expertise in nuclear safety and the availability of stakeholders, confirmed by a range of services, usually in the 48 hours after the first appointment.

The cost of each nuclear safety assessment mission is determined according to the actions and conditions defined at the first appointment.

We carry out missions of expertise of nuclear safety in flat-rate or fixed-term mode, according to the needs.

SureDyna has a privacy policy that governs all of its missions.
In particular, we would like to inform you as soon as possible of any difficulties relating to our mission of nuclear safety expertise.

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